To My Sunshine, @taylorswift

taylorswift I need to tell you a lot of things about how you’ve been the light of my light for the last 7 years that without you I wouldn’t be here. That I love you more than myself. This summer I went to NYC and I was hopping to meet you but you were at Rhode Island so… Now we’re both are in Paris (I’m from Spain) bc it’s my fifteen birthday present from my granny but I’m leaving tomorrow and I just wanna let you know that I’ll try to go to Le Grand Journal studio to see you. Hope we meet finally!! X Love you sunshine,


Can’t believe that Taylor knows that

My Story (6)

I have always been captivated by the music but since the moment I lost everything more than ever. Cause in the lyrics of every song there’s something that I can’t express by myself or that reminds me that I’m not alone. Nobody knows how I really feel except the music, that’s why it’s so important for me.